The quixotic rational mind is a poor leader. It only knows fear and abstinence. Every accusation I (we) make is and indictment against ourselves. We can argue from our own experience as rationally deduced and end up nowhere as obviously played out in the many social media postings. We’ll never agree, we will forever be excusing or accusing one another from our sad sick place of ‘rightness’. You are right, of course, so is everyone, in their own eyes. I like/dislike the interaction with you and others. It stimulates my thinking which is good for my aging, demented mind. I love you (disagreeable though you are). I know you are right in your own eyes, and I know you think I am wrong, So? You’ve had your life experiences that has led you to your own conclusions. My life experiences are different and my conclusions are different. Some times it gets tedious, but nevertheless it is better than faceless anonymity. I know who my God is. He doesn’t need me to argue for him. Soon you will be dead, in the cosmos (the great sea) and your arguments will be moot. Death is waiting for us all, and we argue about a little pathetic bunch of thieves (Bush and Obama types) who are fleas on the back of reality. Are you proud of you scientific atheism? Good for you, I’m proud of my Father Creator and I plan to go to him after this sin sick life of fighting and killing is over. Fighting against one another with ideas that mean nothing eternal is an ignorance I have a perversion for. and aversion to, and self sabotaging need to share.

Tis is why treehouses are so important. The world needs me to build a treehouse. The cosmos will be alteres, the matrix will ripple throughout eternity when a house is built in a tree in Sout Princeton Maine. All existence waits for me. I am the ultimate narcisist. I am loving, benevolent, kind, selfish and cruel. I will bow to you, I will serveyou, as long as it serves myself. It is an inescapable conumdrum. I ask nothing. I want to serve my time here and go to the next life with a confident smile of eternal Faith. A treehouse is the way for me. Maybe you need whimsy? I am here.


The joke of the day

Politics of personal destruction. Liberals love to hate conservatives and conservatives love to hate liberals. A sick world defended by sick people. How about obeying the law? Can liberals and conservatives exist without tearing down those of opposing perspectives? Tell your man in Washington to stop lying and don’t blame a conservatives, just stop the lying, obey the constitution every President is sworn to uphold. Why is that such a problem? and please don’t say because conservatism (or liberalism) is the cause. Sarah is a person, a mother, a wife, and a strong woman with a political position, and she is trying to help. Maybe she is missing the point, but is one made better for attacking her? Is Sarah made worse? No. You are defending you idealism by attacking someone else, that is not a positive, helpful method. Present your ideas and let them stand on their own merits.

Treehouses is a good place to think, a good place to talk, pray, and share with like minded people. Things are different in a treehouse. An old man climbs into a treehouse and becomes a little kid. We need whimsy, we need serendipity, we need the capricious. We need each other.

Is there still Peace?

Oh yes, is there ever. There is a wonderful peace! In the soft breeze at the top of a giant Northern White Pine. In the focus of a vision, whimsical and free. The healing balm of a goal a bit our of reach. The knowing, the resting, the ability to wait. I see a world in chaos, of political war. The U.S. is under siege from within, from the highest place. A political coup of world dominance trying to squelch America’s sovereignty, and in so doing, drain its economy.

The earth was here before Washington. The earth was here before the Wabanaki People. The trees on the earth waiting silently, swaying, yielding to survive. In this knowledge I find my solace; in this knowing I can go forward.

There are those who will fight corruption, and corruption will fight back. there are those who will not fight either side, either right within a wrong. The fighters, no matter which side, will fight you for not fighting. Don’t fight back. Jesus didn’t fight when they nailed him, they will nail you, too, if you are Jesus in their eyes.

I’ve seen these things, which others will not perceive, will not hear, will nor understand. Tree house are the answer. It is as if getting up 20 or 30 feet infuses one’s psyche with a sense of being above they heartache, pain and sorrow. And beyond the burden, a treehouse becomes a medicine unique. The shear serendipity of floating, drifting with the breeze in the strong arms of a giant oak caries our thoughts to healing places.

My dream is my dream and it is far better that listening to our national leaders besmirch themselves in their own selfish vomit.

Why I go to the woods

I’m sick of the unreal reality. I have listened for years to the news about the wars and the rumors of wars. Now we see Obama flying bombs at innocent women and children. I have seen for years how the jihad and the killing mullahs, train children into fighters wanting to die. Why? Because from their youth they have been taught to hate. They hate us, they hate themselves and they hate life.

So this is my answer: Tell all the selfish, hell bent killers to please stop killing, and we will share everything we have worked for. While you killers were in school in the mountains learning to kill and destroy, we were working hard to pay our mortgages, light bills, insurance and such. What do you want? do you want to kill us, too? Why? Because we are not Muslims? Take it all. Take everything. Then kill us, too, if that would be fun for you. Life isn’t much worth living the way you make it anyway.

And Mr Obama: Now that you have shown your willingness to to openly kill the innocent women and children with your drones, Evil Sir, all I can ask is: STOP KILLING WITH YOUR DRONES! You know the evil terrorists leaders surround themselves with women and children. I can’t imagine what would drive a man like a president of a rich country to to fly evil drones (which are killing bombs) by remote control at other evil men. These evil men trying to kill other evil men before the evil men kill them. A world wide mafia cancer, if you please. If you want to kill a leading terrorist Dr. (Mullah, President) Evil, please pay some nut, as evil as you, to get it done. Your hands are shedding innocent blood.

Dear lord! How have we come to this? Hollywood makes movies, tragic comedies that these guys are living. They make this selfish infighting a life and death game as though that were true reality! And us? We are watching from the Google(goggle/gargoyle) Cloud. We are watching the selfish greedy people lie and cheat and kill each other! And for what are they doing all this killing? For More of Everything!?! Praise Wall Street! They do it because THEY CAN!

So I go to my tree house dream. My nice people living together in harmony dream. I used to dream of Gyro Copters, but at 40 grand, probably not a realistic dream. But treehouses, now that is a doable dream. Treehouses get us up a bit, like the birds; only we are nesting in the tree instead of flying over it.

So I came back to the google cloud after 2 weeks or so in the deep woods. The bugs were pretty bad and it was 90+ in the shade, so we surfaced in Crocker Hill, N.B. This was a good choice, as we have some much needed maintenance to do here. Also, our neighbor burned up her house she had for sale and now is in need of comfort to get through the tragedy. She is single, elderly, and my wife, Debbie, can comfort her. As for me, I get to record my thoughts on WordPress.

Patience is the word the Lord has been saying ‘patience’ to my mind for the past few weeks. Today, Sunday June 2nd, 2013, I will dwell on patience, in patience, with patience, with Your help. I will be patient or I will be a patient. I will be patient waiting for your gift of patience. Your promise is my strength.

I don’t, as a general rule, trust anyone; but, since your are my concept to the great unknowable, who is loving and powerful, I will gain my patience in your hope.

I’ve been offered the chance to build Man Caves and Fem Dens for a local retail outlet. I’m asking for this arrangement. I will work for this because it is now, not the future (or is it?,,,).

No matter, this will give me a financial base to build my dream for the Lord. 1st Corinthians 13: Is it liveable?

May 28. The deep woods was wet with 8 straight days of rain. We got a lot of reading done, so it was good that way, but now we are a bit behind with our work schedule, and that causes some angst. We have our trees, and we have our foundation design. Debby, my darling bride, loves my preliminary sketches for the tree house. It will be two stories, with a basement (starting 20′ up, a 1st and 2nd floor. and then a widows walk; that will put us at 50′ +/-. Our trees are 75′ now and will be 125′ in another 100 years. They will live (according to our forester) 400 years. Giant Eastern White Pine. The kind of tree King George marked for his own in the 17th century. So now, we have our floor plan, our general elevations, and our trees. Our next task is to get sawing the special timbers for the treehouse. First, we will need 24 2″ X 10″ 16′ spruce planks for our foundation. Then we will need 16 4″ X 6″ X 8′ cedar floor joists. Walls will be the chase system: A chase system is a 5/16″ X 12″ white ash interior wall, laminated to a 1′ rigid foam insulation (polyisocyanurate to reduce fire danger), on the other side of the insulation panel will be laminated a 5/16″ pine for exterior siding. All wiring will be 12 vote, inside the panels. All panels will be 4′ X 10′, windows and doorways will be cut out from the inside after the treehouse is framed up and in place. The building will be suspended from a 1 1/2″ stainless steel threaded rod placed through the center of each tree. Our roof system will be rugged 4″ X 4″ spruce and we will go up into the crown of the tree to search for any week of problematic branches above us.

To many this is foolishness, but to the ones I want to talk with, this stuff is fun and worth doing. People can invest in gold, and if one has enough, then maybe one should. But the best invest is always people and land. there is better chance of return when people develop, and when developed people develop land the return is multiplied. the downside is that people can go awry, and the land not developed for the best return. this stuff is worth doing because people want to be developed in a positive way and they also strongly desire to be successful in something. A land project is a great way to develop people and to develop land. If investors would follow their money and take a concerned interest in what their money is doing, then their chance of return is enhanced many fold.

A tree house is capricious, serendipity, and whimsical. Whimsy is a needed medicine in today’s competitive world. As the economy declines and America drifts in to its place as just another 3rd world nation, the competition for the elevated lifestyle intensifies. Therefore the need for whimsy becomes all the more necessary. If the Lord will allow me, I’m going to build tree houses. If the Lord will walk in me, and if I walk in him, then we will have fun together, and what’s great is that others can come and join in! Pardon my hubris, but at 69 years of age, my time has finally come to seek life, rather than obedience to another’s ideal of who and what I should be. Discipline is one thing, but submission, now that’s something all together different.

Now back to the woods, off the grid to come back some time for more reflection.

Truth is elusive, sometimes whimsical, once realized, easily forgotten.

For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:
As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. 1Peter 2: 15&16

Oh my, to start the day with the above thought organizing my thinking, well… it’s the ‘but as servants of God’ part that slows me down. I guess I can serve by not using my liberty for a cloke of anything, let alone ‘maliciousness’. Darkness clokes the night creatures, but the light cleanses all. Inside you is God. call It/him energy, or perhaps, attraction. Whatever… the Name, this is the one to Whom you go for power. What or who do you plug into for strength to win, or survive? What or who is the objective reality outside and apart from you. Who or what is not subject to, your subjective knowing? We all have a higher power somewhere, if only in a fox hole.

I think it is prudent to seek out, learn, and understand in time, the answers to the above question. The mere speculation on this question will open spiritual avenues heretofore unimagined. Scripture is reliable. I’ve never read a scripture, in any of the world’s greatest spiritual writings that did not teach me something, good or bad. One can learn much about the real thing by studying the counterfeit.

In every culture, in every scripture there is recorded some form of trinity. Father, Son, Holy Ghost… The World, The Flesh, The Devil… Learning Good and Evil, Suffering the consequences…the law of sowing and reaping will not be repealed by our whimsical lust for power.

The Supreme Trinity is Rhythm, Harmony, and Balance.

Planets, Atoms, Molecules, Star Dust Clouds billions of light years across; congregations, schools, societies – all organizations, from the golf/bowling club to the rescue center, all run with rhythm, harmony and balance. The world of darkness is arrhythmia, disharmony and unbalance. In finally knowing the Truth is Peace; it’s worth the struggle. We labor to enter our rest.

So… Bless you today. Listen with your heart, speak not all your words. sincerely, thetreehouseman

The whimsical inspiration of the divine life for a treehouseman

Rexford Nicholson AKA Treehouseman

Joy of joys! Debbie and I found our trees yesterday! (OK, that may sound a bit strange to you, but before one can build a true positive tree house, it is very important that one finds ‘his tree’. The one tree that he bonds with, and yes, hugs. After all he is going to spend many days rocking in the wind 32′ feet up. And by the way, we found two trees together for more strength)

For my friend, Steph, who is my beloved English cousin, I want to tell you all that we will build this tree house on the ground and then come along it up to the agreed upon height. How? Simple..we will build the light outer shell, roof and walls only, with out decking, then come along the shell up 8′, then build a frame work under it to use as the stairway up, then raise the come along brackets 8′ again and repeat. Once again building a 8′ frame work under the treehouse to provide for stairs up. Do this four times and the shell will be 32′ up. After the shell is where one wants it, and the frame work that supports the stairs comes up to it, then the heavy duty framed floor can be added. The foundation floor will be 4″X 6″ spruce beams 32″ O.C., with 5/4 t & g pine floor with a 5/16″ X 10″ brown ash for the finished floor.

We are enhancing our chances of success by using two wonderful 75 year old Northern White Pines trees. These boys grow to be 400 years old, if not harvested (as told to us by our forester Kyle Burdick). How’s that for a firm foundation!? The frame work underneath the treehouse will take most of the stress off the trees, and the treehouse floor itself will be built far enough away from the tree trunk to allow growth. I’m thinking a simple rubber gasket to seal the air flow will work, but need better advice, if anyone out there has experience with this stuff. I intend to shell the 2″x 2″ wall with R 10 floors, R16 walls, and R24 roof, the exterior siding will be my 5/16ths by 12″ pine boards placed vertically. This will make a cool summer retreat, and a warm winter hide away, or it can be a four season home.

Any comments, or advice will be welcomed. We’ll incorporate all information in the treehouse as it goes up. Pictures will follow, when we find our ‘tech head, document-er’.

I’m so excited for Debbie and me, and not just because we get to build this wonder full project at my old age, of 69 (Deb’s 56, tomorrow!). But I’m not just excited for us, I am also excited for many I have not met yet and for old friends we will meet again; because I also know that as many of you who still dream; as many of you who will take time for the whimsical – the serendipity; and, for as many of you who have learned that some capriciousness in life can take us to a better perspective; for you, I know I will see you here someday, and it will be good.

Love to you all, Uncle Rex, AKA treehouseman

Rexford Chase Nicholson A.K.A. pocomoonshinetreehousevillageman

They say one should not, at least I’ve been taught not to wear one’s emotions on one’s sleeve. Ergo, my handle. I heard on email that someone named Chase was following my blog. Hi. I am so inexperienced on Word Press as I begin to unwind another brain test. Chase is a good English name. I am going back off the grid for a few days, and then return to New Brunswick to blog again. Without apology, I am philosophical, poetical, romantic, loyal to a fault; I disappear betimes for a walk about. It is for the good of all. I want to love, really, and not just in word. How? While still protecting myself? Answers come from the nether world, I am convinced as the years roll by, so I put it out to any who may stroll by. I enjoy hearing from your side of things. Rex aka pthvm

April 10, 2013 treehouseman is out and about…

spring cleaning is in full swing. The weather for the next 14 day is trending toward lots of rain, if you can believe them. Yahoo!! that’s great as now I can work the water flowing down the roads, and into our swimming area. I have to carry water down the hill now as the under ground pipe is still frozen and will not flow until warmer weather. It’s fun to carry the water and it gives me some muscle burn, but is still not too hard. put 5/4 birch planks down for my floor and installed a 15′ 4X4″ top plate as a tender beginning to the summers’ construction projects. One day at Crocker Hill to post blog and then back to South Princeton, and my beloved swamp on Pokey Lake. Debbie has found the nicest place to build a 3/4 cape; a place where the winter sun is warmest. It is at the entrance to Scott Ridge, where our Nicholson/Lightbown set aside is located. When I walk on Bonnie Loch, joy whelms up in me.

Tree House Village

Launching my new blog site:¬† Tree House Village is one man’s vision of a tree house resort for young and old, free spirited, intelligent, creative¬† people who want a unique vacation high above all else.¬† Anyone who wants to find out about us: just write.